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Fubar Design Terrain

Rolling Stock Wooden Train Cart Green

Rolling Stock Wooden Train Cart Green

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You get all of the items shown in the picture unless noted otherwise.

We do commission work as well, printing boards at your requested scale. 

Just reach out to us and we can get you all setup and printed.

We can print all our models in 1/72, 1/100, 1/32, 1/48, 25mm, 32mm, 15mm, etc.

28mm Figure is shown for scale and not included.

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WW2/WW1/Bolt Action/Based/Terrain/Warlord Games


Chain of command/Flames of war/Team Yankee

D&D/40K/Hail Caesar/SPQR/COC

Tabletop gaming/Scale model/Wargaming

Custom Painted/3d printed/Resin/PLA


Fubar is licensed to sell all unpainted prints; Owners of STL’s may inquire for verification.

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