Student Pricing - 3D Printing & CO2 Laser Compatible Materials Chart

This chart reflects the allowed materials for our Epilog Laser machine
(per Epliog Laser website).
Material Engrave  Cut
Acrylic X X
Anodized Aluminum X
Ceramic  X
Cloth X X
Coated Metals X
Corian X X
Cork X X
Delrin X X
Fabric X X
Fiberglass X X
Glass X
Leather X X
Marble X
Matte Board X X
Melamine X X
Mother of Pearl X X
Mylar X X
Painted Metals X
Paper X X
Powder Coated Metals X
Pressboard X X
Rubber X X
Tile X
Wood X X
Wood Veneer X X
Bare Metals *
Brass *
Stainless Steel *
Titanium *


*CO2 lasers will mark bare metals when coated with a metal marking solution. Please contact us if this is needed on your project. 


Laser machine bed size is 24"Wx12"H



Our pricing is always subject to change per project as not all files and services are the same. The numbers below are base pricing for reference approximation for each service.


FDM 3D Printing
$2-5 per hour
Resin 3D Printing
$20 minimum per print job
$20 File setup (splitting models) 
Laser Cutting/Engraving
$1 per minute 
$40 to reserve 30 minute timeslot
For more custom services please contact us.
Disclosures: Each 3D print is not the same. Please ask for examples and we can show you how a final print may look like. Prints may also need additional clean up from general print or from print supports. 3D printer is based on availability and on first come first serve basis. Print colors are what we have available (both FDM & Resin)